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Conference Bridge

There are several options available for making a conference call:

  • Using the Transfer/3 Way Conference Feature on your phone
  • Using the 7 Way Conference Feature Button on your multi-line phone
  • Use Meet-Me Conference Bridge

A Conference Bridge is $20 per conference call. To request a Conference Bridge, email telecomm@union.edu or call 6411 with the date and time needed, location and an account number to bill.

Telecommunications can establish a conference “bridge” which can accommodate up to 12 parties on one call. No feature codes or buttons to push. You can have all of your participants dial into this reserved number and they will automatically be on the conference call together! From anywhere in the world! Each caller can dial in from his/her own phone or you can gather persons in one location at Union and put the call on a speakerphone.

How to set up a Conference Bridge: 

  • Off Campus callers dial into XXX-XXX-XXXX (the number assigned by telecom).
  • On Campus callers dial into XXXX (the number assigned by telecom).
  • First person to dial into the bridge will continue to hear ringing until a second party dials in, then you will hear a beep as each party dials in.
  • Max 12 callers.

Need Help?

  • helpdesk@union.edu
  • Help Desk (6400)
  • MyResnet (Apogee) 855-813-7010
  • Electronic Classroom Hotline (7007)
  • Telecom Help (6411)
  • Hours: M-F 8:30-4:54

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