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Wireless Network Information

The Union College Wireless network is now active in many buildings on the Union Campus. The wireless network is intended to supplement the Union College network. It gives users the flexibility to use their laptop computers without plugging in any wires. In order to use the network, you must have a laptop computer with a wireless 802.11b/g network card installed. How you access the wireless network on campus has changed slightly. Instructions for accessing the wireless network on campus is available in the Documentation section of this site. Please note: you must be in an area with wireless coverage for these instructions to work.


The wireless network is accessible in all public spaces and classrooms in academic and some administrative buildings.

Many lab facilities (including Potter Machine Shop) have wireless connectivity as well.

Wireless networking is available in common spaces in all dorms and Minerva Houses (including seminar rooms).

Schaffer Library has wireless access throughout the building including the Phi Beta Kappa room, Language Lab and Writing Center. Additionally, the wireless network is available in Hull Plaza outside of Schaffer Library.

The Nott Memorial is fully covered by wireless.

The wireless network covers Dutch Hollow, all meeting spaces and conference rooms and the Women's Studies Lounge in Reamer College Center.

College Park Hall, the Seward Place residences and the Roger Hull Lane residences also have wireless access available. All rooms in Seward Place and Roger Hull Lane residences are wireless ready. College Park Hall has access in all public spaces, meeting rooms, ballrooms, breakout rooms and all student rooms.

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